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  • avril 22, 2024

1-10 page basic corporate website

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  • Project Duration Mois
  • Level Moderate Level
  • English Level Bilingual
  • Languages English Français
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  • Suggestions and design for a small corporate website.
  • Extremely lightweight and fast loading.
  • No forms, contact forms or cookies.
  • 100% SSL (HTTPS)
  • Defaults to www but works with the naked domain name also.

Functionally for a non-technical user to add content and images on their own:

  • for example, if it was wordpress and they were allowed to add a post to the homepage once a month that would be acceptable. Or if it was HTML and they could just open the index.html file and add to the homepage some heading text and body text once in a while.
  • Not wordpress.
  • Compatible with all screen sizes from iphone 13mini to 24” desktop.
  • Small and large .icon image files (you may just cut out a part of our logo for the imagery)
  • Security headers: the site will need to pass Cybersecurity scorecards, such as Bitsight/Security Scorecard.
  • French (FRANCE) language with capability for user to switch site to English (AMERICAN).

You will provide:

  • You will select a programming language or suggest a paid or free platform.
  • A ready working website of 1-10 pages.
  • Raw code, or administrator access to the platform used.
  • Any basic website requirements we forgot.

We will provide:

  • Ready copy in French and translation in English
  • Access to old sites for reference
  • Unoptimized images
  • Corporate colors and logo.
  • DNS Hosting
  • File (and, if necessary, database) Hosting via Hostinger
  • One registered domain name
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